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15 Prebend Street
London N1 8PG

Tel: 020 7354 8883
Tel: 020 7490 4042

178 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7DT

Tel: 020 7354 8883
Tel: 020 7490 4042


Terms and Conditions
-Payment of all fees shall be made prior to or at the time of each visit.
-If any appointment/class is cancelled or postponed with less than 24 hours notice, a full payment fee will be charged.
-If you are late for an appointment we cannot guarantee that you will be seen/ attend and will be charged.
-Ownership of all x-rays and records will remain the property of the clinic.
-Records may be copied upon written request and may incur a charge.
-Respectful and appropriate behavior to all members of staff, clinicians, teachers and other users of the building are expected at all times.

Islington Chiropractic Ltd and Clerkenwellbeing Ltd reserve the right to deny access to their properties to person/s exhibiting discriminatory or inappropriate behavior towards others and/or willful damage or theft to or from the aforementioned properties.

Changes to our policy

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to review and revise this policy. We reserve the right to change our policy at any time and, should this occur, the amendment will be posted on our website.

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